An Evaluation of Embedded Virtualization for Mobile Devices

  • An Evaluation of Embedded Virtualization for Mobile Devices

    2012-3-29  13:30-15:00
    the Lecture Hall of Administration Building, School of Software Engineering of USTC, Suzhou
    Jingqun HUANG  (Jim Huang), developer and co-founder of Oxlab Contributor of Android Open Source Project Developer of Linaro Developer and co-founder of LXDE.

    Nowadays, mobile devices engage in meeting the requirement of a set of challenging constraints. Besides typical power, reliability and cost constraints, modern devices are built upon large amount of third party applications and at the same time provide a closed and secure environment for system functionality.  Virtualization technology is a promising solution to safely merge conflicting subsystems on a single processor which leads to huge cost benefits and higher flexibility.

    This session will talk about the evaluation of introducing a specialized hypervisor for embedded real-time systems such as mobile phones, and ARM architecture is selected as the major virtualization evaluation platform.  In addition to software approaches to virtualize typical hardware, this session will discuss about the state-of-the-art hardware facilities such as ARM Cortex-A15.


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